• · Various forms/Boxes stacked nine minutes of the standard.
    · Real-time operating systems and process condition monitoring.
    · Robots treatment outcome/result of the operation/utilization analysis.
    · User management, code management.
  • · Product transport automation system that can be used in the field of production and logistic.
    · Multiple AGV control, ERP works.
    · Installation easy and affordable.
    · Autonomous / Autonomous charge.
    · Path planning operations and autonomous path planning.
  • · Run the role of the expert commentator of Exhibition Hall.
    · Move to the path of the plan through the autonomous.
    · Voice, Exhibition utilizing video contents.
    · Produce a variety of facial expressions.
    · Support for multi-language features.
    · Beam projector, wireless audio transmitter built-in.
  • CoreBell PRODUCT