Welcome to the CoreBell System Inc.

We are living in the Dream Society over the Information Society.
People utilizes a laundry machine, dish washer, robot cleaner instead of houseworks. It will soon become true that a robot replaces child care or elderly care service.

It is already automated to assemble, weld, paint and inspect merchandise in the industrial field.
Also it is being automated to carry, package and finish one.It is expected that all simple and repeatable works will be automated.

The number of our job to do by ourself is decreasing. But if automation is all our mission, is the one rather increasing than decreasing?

We Corebell want to be a front-runner of Dream Society.

Since founded in 2002, we have been doing our best to implement a Location-based Service System and Component Technology.

Now we retain a robot platform that builds a map and recognizes self-location based on Location Determination Technology autonomously moves to the destination avoiding obstacles. Then we provide a robot system applicated in a Museum, Farm Produce Logistics Center and Home.

CoreBell is going to be leading one of member in Dream Society by providing the Location-based Moving Robot System to a variety of sites required to automated.

That is Corebell will realize your dream, as it is, through a robot.

CEO Hoon, Choi